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Little Purple Flowers

September 17, 2010 Family, Fido No Comments

Sometimes, I semi-wake up from a dream and quickly look around. G is there. Argus, too. I am relieved to find my family intact, sleeping peacefully. I am either relieved enough to sleep soundly once again or write about it to remember it and hope it doesn’t haunt me again as something worse.

This time, in the semi-wakeful dream, Greg and Argus are covered in tiny purple flowers. I’ve seen these tiny purple flowers on walks I’ve been on. Walks with Argus. Flowers he pees on. Oh, I see. It all ties together now.

Wait, my whole world ties together? Everything connects?

Maybe these flowers are more significant than I think. I zoom in and see Argus and Greg in greater detail. I keep zooming.

As it turns out, there is not much more than meets the eye with those two. It’s the same with them, but the purple flowers are quite lovely. Quite delicate. I wonder what genus and species they are. I wonder if I could grow them without killing them, like I have grown my husband and dog and unlike I have grown everything else in my yard. I need something as hardy as those two are. I have been wondering what to plant in my new back yard; maybe I have found an answer. I only hope that this dream is benign and I’ve found an answer to my question and have not bred a new problem — planting flowers that will one day grow to kill me and my family because my dog pees on them every day.

Oh yes, it always comes back to me. Back to my life.

And back to bed as quickly as possible.


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