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Hands-On Fun

September 27, 2010 Family, Fitness, Fun 2 Comments

Saturday was the Oyster Adventure Race and the Aphrodisiacs were back for a second year. Greg, Monique, and I tore up the course and had a blast doing it. The full report is forthcoming, but here’s my favorite story from the day:

The fifth task we had to complete was the Slackline Challenge. Two team members had to walk across three slacklines with the assistance of the third team member. Monique and I did the walking with Greg’s help. Monique went first — she made it look easy!

Then it was my turn. Greg hoisted me up there and I tried to go as fast as Monique had. I must have positioned myself differently than she did because Greg said it felt like I was leaning backwards. He first had his hands on my legs to support me.

Then he moved them up to just under my butt.

Then they were around my waist.

At this point, a fellow male competitor yelled to him, “Watch your hands, man!” and Greg responded dryly, “Oh no. I bought this one.” We all burst out laughing at his quick wit — luckily I didn’t lose my balance and fall!


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  1. Jane says:

    I’m LOL at G’s comment “Oh no, I bought this one.” Quick thinking Greg!

  2. […] quickly checked the map and headed that way. I posted earlier about this task here. Two team members had to walk across the slacklines with assistance from the third team member. […]

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