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Pick Me! Pick Me!

August 8, 2010 Fitness, Friends No Comments

Many of you know I am obsessed with my Garmin device and all the data it provides for my biking and running. How fast am I going? What was my average pace on this run? How does that compare to my last run on this course? What is my heart rate at any given moment? How much farther until I pass out? (Actually, this device does not track that last one specifically, but I’ve got a request into my friends who work there…)

Well, my beloved Forerunner 405 is showing signs of shooting craps. The sound no longer works. I have to set it in exactly-the-right-spot for it to charge. Often the bezel won’t recognize that I’m touching it to change screens. I fear that it is not long for this world.

But alas! One of the blogs I follow, DC Rainmaker, is hosting a giveaway and this time the prize is a Garmin Forerunner 310XT. This is a triathlon-specific device that is fully waterproof to track my swims, in addition to tracking cycling and running data. I want one!!

Considering a Garmin yourself? The blog’s author, Ray, does a fantastic job of reviewing all kinds of products related to fitness (general) and triathlon (specific). In addition, he tells all the stories of his triathlon adventures, among many other things. He’s got quite a story to tell and he does it well.

I promise I’ll be back to telling my own stories soon enough, but wanted to give a quick shout-out to a fellow blogger. Check him out, and stay tuned for some highlights and photos from my ride across the great state of Iowa!


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