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Post-Race Comparison

July 21, 2010 Family, Fitness, Fun 3 Comments

I’ve got a lot of updating to do. July has been an insane month of race prep, travel, and racing. This will be a quick “teaser” message while I work on more in-depth coverage of my goings-on.

Greg and I both completed our Half Ironman triathlons within two weeks of each other. While the distances of the races were exactly the same, the races themselves were quite different. I’ll spare you 2000 words and show a couple of pictures, which will be a very concise way of summing it all up.

Below is a picture of me immediately post-race on July 4. I am sitting, I am crying, I am freezing, and I am bleeding in more places than you can see in this photograph:

And, here is a photo of Greg immediately post-race on July 18. He actually enjoyed it:


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  1. Suzie Hopkins says:

    Greg’s a crazy person. That’s why he’s smiling :)
    Can’t wait to read the finished write up!

  2. Sue Sheridan says:

    How’d he do? He looks damn good!! You’ll be smiling the next time. :)

  3. […] I didn’t exactly hit my goal of finishing under 6 hours (my disastrous run is the very obvious culprit), but close enough. At least I was smiling at the finish line this year! […]

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