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Midday Snack

June 18, 2010 Fido, Food No Comments

We live on a quiet cul-de-sac, so we generally leave the sliding glass door open for Argus to come and go into the back yard as he pleases. We lock the gate so he can’t escape and he looks menacing (read: big) enough that most people won’t bother to enter the back yard while he’s there.

I was away from the house for a few hours on Tuesday. I left around 10:15 AM and got home at 2 PM. I came through the back yard and entered the house through the sliding glass door, as usual. This is what I saw:

Apparently Argus got hungry while I was away and had himself a little snack. He left a few “crumbs” as evidence.

My assumption is that this bird flew into the house by accident and Argus went crazy. You should see him chase flies! I was very reluctant to search the rest of the house — I feared droppings all over and/or the bloody remains proudly buried under the couch cushions. I was pleasantly surprised to find only one spot of bird poop on the counter. I began to wonder if perhaps the bird had made a lucky escape. However, based on Argus’ bad breath and sheepish behavior, I am pretty sure he’s guilty. At least he did a good job of cleaning up!

We feed him a raw diet so I wasn’t concerned about him being able to digest the bird, but I do believe that this has taken it a step too far!


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