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A Compromise

June 2, 2010 Fear, Fitness No Comments

I made a couple of Big Hairy Audacious Goals for the year on January 1. One of these is to write my memoir this year. I have nothing to report on this subject at this time. But please, do keep holding your breath. You look great in blue!

My other 2010 goal is to complete the Vineman Half Ironman. The entire post can be read here, but for those just joining the broadcast, the race registration closed before I had a chance to sign up. To be completely honest, it closed six days after I decided to do the event and eight days before I got around to registering. Lesson learned.

In the meantime, I was in correspondence with the race director regarding my entry. She explained the wait list rules and said there was a chance I’d be allowed onto the wait list in February. I waited patiently…and did not get chosen. She said there would be a chance in April. I waited patiently…and did not get chosen. I opted to take a charity slot, which means I’d donate $500 to cancer research in addition to my $265 entry fee. The race director said that the charity slots filled up…and basically that my incremental $500 was no good here. A girlfriend of mine is unable to do the race, so I asked if there was some loophole we could find for me to take her registration…and denied yet again.

I am a committer.

While it has been tempting at times during the training season to throw in the towel and shrug my shoulders with, “There’s always next year,” I have chosen to make a minor modification to my resolution. While I won’t be doing THE Vineman Half Ironman, I will be doing A Half Ironman — The Subaru Vancouver International Triathlon on July 4.

The July 4 date cuts two weeks off the training time from Vineman and will require a bunch of logistical bullshit that I wouldn’t otherwise have to deal with (bike shipping, hotel, ground transportation, etc…). However, I’m looking at the positives: the course is almost entirely flat, Greg will be there to cheer me on and vice versa, and I hope to parlay it into a mini vacation. I say SUCCESS!

Throughout the winter and spring, there was fear nagging me that I wouldn’t get selected to race Vineman and that I wouldn’t find another suitable venue. I kept wondering if all of my training was in vain. Now that my money has been sent in and I’m officially on the race roster in Vancouver, I feel very good about the way this has turned out. The flat course alone is reason to celebrate. I’m basically over-training every time I leave the house!

Now, the only fear nagging me is that my right Achilles will not hold out for a month of training. I did a little self-diagnosing today and it looks like I’ve got all the symptoms for Achilles tendinopathy. This is the new fancy name for tendinitis. I apparently have the acute kind — it hurts worse in the morning, screams at me when I flex my foot, painful to the touch, etc… I have been icing it a few times a day and using ibuprofen. I am extremely disappointed about this, as I have been running at least once a week in my Vibram FiveFingers shoes, I have adopted the Chi Running form, and this is supposed to be my “good leg.”

Either way, July 4 will be Independence Day for me — the 70.3 no longer hanging over my head and, of course, America’s birthday (which will be celebrated in Canada). How d’ya like that, eh?


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