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Day of Rest

February 14, 2010 Fear, Fitness No Comments

A prescribed day of rest. This must be the day that most people look forward to. I’ve known since Wednesday that this would be a “day off,” and yet it has plagued me since then (including today). In fact, for two days, I have planned to do my Tracy Anderson video AND go to the sauna as “active recovery.” And yet, it’s 10 PM and I have done none of these things. At this point, all I can do is say, “Oh well!”

Admittedly, I have not been feeling 100% lately: sore and achy in general, my right knee is bothering me, and I’m generally tired. So while I had planned to “over-achieve” today and do my toning workout and/or go to the sauna, it just didn’t happen. In some secret society that my alter-ego leads, I’m rejoicing for the break. But for the rest of me, I’m trying not to stress about it (as I eat a piece of chocolate cake that pairs so well with my red wine).

A friend came over earlier this evening for a chat and I spoke of my ┬áday-off-dilemma. Her first question was, “What are you afraid of?”

Don’t get me started.


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