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Day of Rest – Take 2

February 26, 2010 Fear, Fitness No Comments

About 10 days ago, I started following a prescribed training regimen for a Half Ironman triathlon. So far, so good. In fact, it has really helped me stay motivated. I like knowing what I’m going to be doing and not having to come up with it myself. That said, I’m working considerably harder than I would be if I were the decision maker.

Tomorrow is a prescribed day of rest and I can’t wait! This week was supposedly a “light week” in terms of workouts, relative to what next week will be. I had guests in town and could not participate in the 56-mile bike ride on Sunday, and I chose to do a 40-mile bike ride on Monday instead of the grueling swim workout that was on the schedule. Other than that, I did as well as or more than what was planned: Tuesday morning yoga + 5.5 mile track workout (in the pouring rain) that was H.A.R.D. Wednesday’s swim workout was a welcome change because it didn’t require my body to hold its own weight. I was sooooo sore from Tuesday I could hardly get out of bed, get onto or off of the toilet, into or out of my car…you get the picture. It felt good to be semi-weightless in the water! I was proud of myself for completing the 1400-yard workout (and actually enjoying it). The “lunch ride” on Thursday was, for me, a 21-mile interval ride with lots of short, steep hills and little recovery. Today, a 3.5 mile run, my strength routine, and a much-needed 90-minute massage. Ahhhhh…

Tomorrow is a day of rest. But I have seen what is on the calendar for the following 7 days and I am officially frightened. It is a week that is largely focused on swimming, and that is clearly my weak link. I am nowhere near where I need to be to get through the drills and main sets of swimming in terms of my basic form. There are lots and lots of bricks — swim + run, swim + bike, swim + strength, swim, swim, don’t drown, swim. EEK! I’m scared that I won’t be able to do the swim workouts well, and that mental defeat will play into my other sports. I’m scared that it will rain all week and I won’t be able to get out on my bike or otherwise have to compromise myself. I’m scared I’ll look for excuses to compromise myself because it’s too hard.

So, I ran my 3.5 miles today and enjoyed my massage (probably a little too much). I am considering a yoga workout tomorrow if we don’t go skiing in Tahoe… but will otherwise relish the day off. That’s a first for me, and a big win mentally as I enter a week that is sure to be full of a lot of mental failures.

Here’s to progress — and FEAR!


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