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Is there a doctor in the house?

December 1, 2009 Family No Comments

Scraping by on crossed fingers and gratitude finally caught up to me. My 14-year-old car fell and broke her hip last week. She’s in seeing the doctor now, but isn’t it strange how most people who break a hip die soon thereafter?

In car-speak, the clutch went out. So, it isn’t like a heart attack where there’s major engine damage… but the car won’t go into gear and had to be pushed home from the scene of the incident. Thankfully, the mishap occurred after sundown on Sunday night and only 2 blocks from home. Greg and I stealthily pushed her home under the cover of darkness so that our neighbors wouldn’t see us and start speculating. While Greg is a great first responder, he’s no orthopedic surgeon and we had to call in the professionals. And I don’t mean AAA.

I am a faithful member of AAA, but I have a bad feeling that we’re going to be signing a DNR for my old girl and I’m going to need that One Free Tow to deliver her to her final resting place. So, once again under the cover of darkness (this time hoping to avoid being spotted by the police), Greg lined his Element up behind my Cabrio and pushed us over to the repair shop about a mile away. He’d give me a good shove and I’d roll to the next stop sign. Over and over… The plan worked surprising well, actually! With Argus as my co-pilot, we made it without more than a glance of suspicion from passers-by.

Today, I wait to hear her fate from Matt at Burlingame Independent (located, strangely, in the heart of San Mateo). I’ve been able to get by for over a week without a car, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was very convenient that Greg took last week off work and I had his car at my disposal… I have a chiropractor appointment in Redwood City this afternoon and I’m planning to ride my bike (or take the train, if I’m running late). The only other time I really NEED a car this week is to pick up my sister. It’s kind of a fun exercise to figure out how we can get by as a one-vehicle-family.

I suppose I should start figuring out what my next vehicle will be. I’d like a Vespa (ideally with a sidecar), but Greg thinks it’s impractical. Perhaps, but how fun would this┬ábe??


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