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This Native is Restless

July 22, 2009 Fitness, Food No Comments

It’s 3:18 on a Wednesday. I decided to come to the office today. Going to the office always makes my stomach hurt the night before as I lay down for bed. The idea of going to the office and working on stuff that I don’t care about and I can’t really make a difference at eats at me. What a way to spend a gorgeous summer day, eh? And by this time EVERY DAY, regardless of where I have chosen to “work,” I am over it. There are things I could do. There are things I could start. There are things I could research. Nope. I’ll choose to do none of it. And I’m not generally what you would call a slacker.

In other news, my shoulders and trapezius muscles have really been bothering me since I started riding longer distances on my bike to train for the Death Ride. The event was 10 days ago and my shoulders/back/traps seem to be worse. I don’t know if it’s how I scrunch my shoulders up because of stress, or the acupuncture is “working” to break things up, or what. All I know is that it doesn’t feel great most of the time.

I am trying to talk myself into working out today, but am easily coming up with excuses to just take today off. We’ll see how motivated I am when I blow this popsicle stand in 40 minutes…

I’m going over to Mel’s house tonight for a little girl talk and dinner.  I think we’re making Stacked Ratatouille using ingredients we have on-hand. For whatever reason, I like eggplant this year. Weird.


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