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Not in a Better Place after all

July 23, 2009 Food No Comments

So, today I found out the bad news that I did not get the job at Better Place.


I am actually not entirely dejected by this:
#1: It’s not that someone else got the job. The req went away because of a department reorganization.
#2: It was specifically for the Marketing Ops position. I would actually prefer a strategic role.
#3: Enough time has passed that the momentum isn’t there and I am no longer DYING to have this job.

That said, things at my current gig are not exactly going swimmingly and it was a disappointment. I will look for new opportunities and continue to keep in touch with the Better Place folks as they figure themselves out (typical of a start-up). I really do believe in what they’re doing and I like the people there. It’s a bummer, but not the end of the world. Looking at the positive, it gives me the chance to figure out what I really want to do, not just what someone will pay me to do.

Onto more important topics now — FOOD! Last night’s dinner of “Stacked Ratatouille” was absolutely delicious. Granted, Mel did most of the prep work, but it didn’t seem like much. Mostly just slicing (which is oh-so-fun with my new knife). It was very simple and we added Trader Joes’ Cacciatore sauce right from the jar and it was to die for. The recipe also suggested doing a sauteed spinach, which we improvised as well. My CSA box had beet greens, and the preparation was perfect. C’est magnifique!!

Tonight, Greg and I had grilled chicken and creamy cauliflower. This was the second time making it and I made the appropriate modifications to really make this dish sing. I have never been much of a cauliflower fan, but I do what I can to use up the fresh veggies that come in my CSA box. So this time, I cut the recipe in half, used whole grain bread for crumbs, used plain soy milk, used fresh sweet onions and green onions in lieu of fresh leeks, and added cayenne pepper and several dashes of Tabasco to the mix before topping it with the breadcrumbs. Even Greg remarked how good it was this time.


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